Size: 55×27 cm. Black spiral binding made of metal. Printed on 300 grams of Ensocoat satin matt cardboard with extremely high color brilliance. Will be delivered in extra strong shipping box. All calendars are shrink-wrapped separately.

J.J. Grandville, 1803-1847
From anthropomorphization to the satirical punch line. Genius and madness go hand in hand, proverbially speaking. Grandville is next to Honoré Daumier one of the most outstanding satirical illustrators of the 19th century in France.

The artist became known for his bizarre, pre-surrealistic pictorial inventions, which had a lasting effect on artists of the 20th century such as Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí. But also by his sense of the social and political conditions in postrevolutionary France.

In Grandville’s great pictorial worlds, humans fantastically or demeaningly adopt an animal form, mutating into mechanical devices, or becoming mocking prototypes of various social strata.

Grandville was famous for his depictions of hybrids, chiefly people with animal heads and animals with human heads; He also drew combinations of people with plants or humans with machines or he combined parts of completely different animals with each other. Overall, his unbelievable OEvre is estimated at more than 3000 drawings. He died in 1874 in Vanve near Paris.

We have acquired a large number of original works and scanned and restored the originals. Many of them handcolored and extremely rare in this good condition.

We have adapted our brand DACTARI with the humanized Grandvilles and created the first Grandville calendar 2020 from it.

The calendar is trilingual, English, German and French.


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