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Drawn by Louis Crusius 1893 for the Antikamnia Chemical Company // Completely restored and retouched.  Louis Crusius (1862 – 1898) practiced medicine and was a lecturer in anatomy and histology in  the 19th Century. Drawing was a hobby for Crusius, and he produced a vast number  of humorous works. Almost his last conscious act was the completion of an 1898  New Year’s card shortly before his death .

His drawings frequently incorporated a humorous and satiric view of the  medical profession. Most of his works were given to friends and family. A  few, such as The Diagnosis, were sold to be included in a calendar  published by the Antikamnia Chemical Company of St. Louis or to be used for other  advertisements.

The Antikamnia Chemical Company – the name is a cod Greek word meaning opposed to pain – was founded in the late 1880s and registered in 1890 by a couple of drug store owners in St Louis, Missouri.

The little white tablets they produced were described in their adverts as “little short of an inspiration”.  Users were given helpful instructions, “also advisable to administer with a little water, diluted whisky, wine or hot toddy”. And what was it supposed to cure? The advert, naturally, gave the answer, “this combination is particularly useful in La Grippe, Influenza and all Grippal Conditions, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Deep Seated Coughs, Neuroses of the Larynx etc, etc”.

The Wall Calendar has two Extra special sheets: 1 about the Antikamnia medicine Campaigns .. … and 1 with “Pain Boy”, the later legandary Main Character of the satirical Magazine MAD: Alfred E. Neumann! So you can hang the Calendar before December 2019 and can let it hang after February 2021.. if you can stand that weird face 😀

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